The Culver City Farmers' Market has been serving the city for more than two decades providing fresh produce, delicious locally prepared foods, and a space for neighbors to meet, mingle, and shop every week in the open air. It's a local institution embraced by Culver City's diverse and growing community. In 2017 the city sought to reinvigorate the farmers' market with a fresh commitment to the growers, who form the backbone of the market, and to the shoppers, who seek excellence in their produce and transparency in where it's from and how it's grown. To accomplish this renewal Sustainable Management Services was brought in as the new operator to implement the seed-to-harvest philosophy that embodies the ethics of a great Certified Farmers' Market.


Because of our dedication to the integrity of Certified Farmers' Markets our commitment to providing shoppers with quality, certified growers is never ending. And this care extends to prepared foods as well. We're fortunate to find ourselves at a time when heightened awareness of a healthful diet is coinciding with many new product options in the marketplace including organic and vegan fare. We're excited to offer delicious, healthful new options alongside longtime favorites. We hope you'll sample the offerings and enjoy lunch, dinner, or something delicious and unique to take home.


By shopping at the farmers' market, you are supporting the sustainability of small California farmers and increasing awareness of the importance of eating freshly picked fruits and vegetables and handmade craft foods. 



Cynthia Ojeda

Cynthia Ojeda was selected by the city to lead operations and renew the mission of the Culver City Farmers' Market starting in October 2017. A Southern California native, Ms. Ojeda has over 20 years of experience in the industry of certified farmers’ markets in the Los Angeles area. Embracing early on in her career the fundamentals of certified farmers’ markets, she has a passion for growers rights and farmers’ market integrity. Having served on California’s Department of Food and Agriculture Integrity Task Force Committee and also co-founding a farmers’ market non-profit organization, the Association of Certified Farmers’ Markets (ACFM), she has worked for two decades to help shape and direct the future of certified farmers’ markets. She also assisted with the re-drafting of provisions in AB 1871 to reinstate the Direct Marketing Program which was established in 1978 to enable small farmers to sell produce directly to the public. For details about the status of this legislation, see http://www.davisenterprise.com/local-news/brown-signs-bill-making-farmers-direct-marketing-program-permanent/


In addition to Culver City's Farmers' Market Cynthia also operates La Cienega Farmers' Market and the farmers' market at Kaiser Permanente's West LA campus. When Cynthia isn't overseeing every detail at one of her markets she loves cooking and gardening and she and her husband Jed love to support local musical acts around LA and walk with their dogs by the beach.


If you see her at the market on Tuesdays make sure to stop by and say 'hello'.

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Cynthia Ojeda, left, receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles for providing resources and nutrition through a certified farmers market she currently operates.

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